Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Day of Reckoning

We chatted about benign topics for a bit and then she said, "So I hear you got engaged and have a ring and everything!"  Oh boy, here goes nothing I thought as I began to answer.  Honesty is always the best policy, so, I opened up to Sis. Keyes and told her everything.  I told her how I felt about Paul, what an amazing man he was and that he and I were in love and wanted to build a life together.  I ended the conversation by telling her that regardless, I would do whatever Pastor felt was best.  Wow!  THAT was hard to say!

There was a moment of silence and then Sis. Keyes began to tell me that she and Pastor had heard only wonderful things about Paul and she assured me that all would be well.  She chastised me somewhat of course for my hastiness, once again, but I don't think they were overly concerned about it this time around.  As we hung up the phone, she informed me that there would be a meeting between Pastor, Paul and I within a couple of weeks.

Relieved beyond measure I leaned my head against the windowpane of the window I had been cleaning at the time of her call, closed my eyes and just breathed.  Whew!  This was finally it!  We would meet with Pastor soon and then I could begin to plan our wedding in earnest!  I was very relieved and there was a song in my heart!

Paul and I were nervous wrecks on the day of our meeting, Paul especially.  Pastor Keyes gives off an intimidating air that he certainly does not intend.  It's just.........there.  When you are in his company you know that you are in the presence of great Godly wisdom.  He is by far the greatest man of God that I have ever encountered, I trust him with my very life.  Pastor, however is unaware that I lovingly refer to him as "The Godfather."  I have a feeling that if he knew this he would get a real kick out of it........but, if it's all the same to you, I think we will keep that our little secret.

We waited with sweaty palms for Pastor Keyes to call us into his office.  I was scared to death that he would have something negative to say about Paul and I!  I loved this man too much to give him up, but I had already told God that I would be obedient to my Pastor and do whatever he instructed me to do.  Some may poo poo that idea and criticize me, but I trust the man of God in my life.  Having been a Pastor's wife for many years, I saw so many people ignore the prayerful Godly guidance of Tim, only to find themselves in awful predicaments.  I believe that God has blessed my willingness to listen to council.

We were finally ushered into his office, and Paul, being so outgoing and easy to talk to, did much to break the ice.  Pastor Keyes spoke mostly to Paul, interested in his history, circumstances surrounding his former marriage, his children, his job.  It was Paul's answer to the inquiry about his employment that nearly caused my eyeballs to pop out of their sockets and me to fall right out of my chair onto the floor!  He told Pastor that he takes dirty pictures!!


  1. AHHHHH Talk about leaving us hanging here!!!! LOL

  2. Hahahahahaha! SUSPENSE...... LOL... ROFL... a.DOR.able!