Saturday, September 3, 2011

Social Networking

There was the one fellow who thought he was God's gift to, correction to THE EARTH.  I chose not to accept his gift.  And what about the guy who would send me complete sermons via text and randomly break out into tongues while on the phone with me?  THAT was disturbing.  I met several men on Facebook and communicated with them via the computer or phone.  It's a little frightening I know, but that is dating in this new technological era we find ourselves in.

I will not deny that I was on, as my good friend Nathan Kesler would describe it, "the hunt."  My sister in law once referred to me as a "domestic goddess" and she has no idea just how correct she was in her observation.  I love to take care of my home and yard, cook and clean......well the cooking part might be pushing it but you get the picture.  I enjoy the dynamics of husband, children, dog, white picket  So yes, I was actively taking applications and interviewing for the position of "the man" in my life.

Any successful business woman knows that self marketing is key.  It's about the packaging, advertising and of course, who you know!  So, that is why I contacted my sweet cousin Kim Hanks from Ceres California.  It was Camp Meeting time and I had originally planned on going but alas, I discovered that I did not have the sufficient funds, so, I cancelled my trip.

I texted Kim who was already in Santa Maria enjoying her time there with some instructions that went something like this:  "Keep your eyes open for any nice, single men."  I have never been one to be vague or evasive.  Direct and to the point works for me.  She responded back to me that she was disappointed that I could not make it to Camp Meeting and that she would definitely scope out the available product.  (My words, not hers).

I believe that perhaps only twenty four hours or less had passed when I received a text from Kim.  It read something like, "There's a friend of mine I would like you to meet.  He is recently divorced and has three children.  His name is Paul Moore.  You can connect with him on Facebook."

I responded, "How old is he?"  She replied, "thirty nine."  "THIRTY NINE??!!"  No way!  My application and list of requirements for possible mates clearly spelled out no children at home and that said applicant  MUST be at least forty five to fifty years of age.  This was to insure that I would be properly spoiled and made to feel very, very special!  Three children and four years younger than I?  Why that was downright scandalous!  I think not!............I sent him a Facebook message.

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  1. Ha! On the hunt... Yes that sums it up perfectly. These unworthy men just didn't realize they were dealing with the First Lady!
    - Nathan