Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Wonderful, Crazy, Sleepy Honeymoon

Our hotel in Bodega Bay was lovely and quaint.  We strolled on the beach sipping coffee, talking for hours and just getting to know one another.  There were tears as we expressed ourselves and revealed the deepest desires of our hearts to one another.  And I discovered that my husband was everything I had ever wanted and hoped for.  This man is the most loving, kind, fun person I have ever known and he brings out the best in me.

From Bodega Bay we drove to Anaheim and went to Disneyland for three whole days!  We enjoyed a lovely suite at the Marriott Hotel and just enjoyed being together.  Paul is an avid Disneyland fan and once again, I had to adjust to this new and carefree way of living which was extremely foreign to me.  I thanked the Lord over and over again that he had brought a man into my life who was not in the ministry.  It felt oh so good to just be.........well........normal.

There was, however, one negative aspect to our honeymoon.  There was the issue of both Paul and I being extremely sleepy.  For the first day or two we attributed our exhaustion to planning and executing a wedding, stress, and the late night drive to Bodega Bay from Modesto.  However, the fact that I lay my head down on a table at an eatery directly across from the Indiana Jones ride and promptly fell asleep, was indeed a point of concern for both us!  My eyes were continuously scanning the park for a "grassy knoll" on which to lie and take a little nap.  Add to that the fact that we went to the hotel every afternoon specifically to sleep, so tired we could barely walk, was cause for double concern.  What is wrong with us?  We kept asking each other.

On our last day at Disneyland, Paul had promised to take me to a nice dinner at the Blue Bayou.  Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows exactly to what I refer.  The BLue Bayou is a restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  They serve yummy cajun food and the ambience is to die for.  There are strung lights overhead that are kept low, candles on the tables, moss hangs from faux trees and the sounds of crickets chirping and owls hooting serenade you as you sup.  White linen tablecloths and crystal compliment the tables.  I sat there, head pounding barely touching my gumbo as I fought back the urge to hurl!  Oh my word I was sick!  I prayed that I was not coming down with some sort of flu as I chilled and broke out in a cold sweat.

We paid our bill and hurriedly left as I told Paul that I really needed to get back to the hotel.  I made it nearly to the exit when I made a mad dash to the bathroom as my stomach relieved itself of it's contents.  Somewhat relieved, we returned to the hotel room and I dropped into bed, slugging down two of the Tylenol that I had brought along with us with a sip of flat diet coke that sat on the nightstand.

I always carry Tylenol with me as I tend to get a lot of headaches, backaches, and well, at my age, just a lot of aches.  Paul and I both had taken quite a bit of the Tylenol on our honeymoon, wanting to feel good, free of pain during our trip.  Paul does not usually take a lot of medication and add to that the fact the he has undergone gastric bypass surgery, and any medication he DOES take enters his bloodstream very quickly.

The next evening, we were scheduled for dinner at Medieval Times.  Paul had taken some Tylenol earlier in the day and also at our dinner that evening.  We were so sleepy at Medieval Times that we were barely able to keep our heads up!  At one point, no several points, I looked over to see Pauls' head slumped forward with him sound asleep!  Oh dear Lord!  What was going on?  Why were we so sleepy?  How could anyone fall asleep with all of the cheering, excitement and commotion going on around us?  I was REALLY starting to worry at this point.  We had a serious discussion about why we were both feeling so badly, convinced that we had come down with some sort of virus.

On the last day of our trip, we visited the Reagan Library.  It was incredibly wonderful!  Other than the fact that we were both, again, feeling somewhat sluggish and sleepy, we had a wonderful time.  Of course, a little more Tylenol would help our pounding heads.  As I took a dose and prepared to put the bottle back into my purse, Paul stopped me.  "Hey babe."  he said.  "Look at that bottle.  Aren't Tylenol P.M.'s blue?" he asked.  "Well yes, I said."  "Well the pills we have been taking this whole time are blue."  "No way!"  I responded.  "I looked very carefully when I purchased these on our way out of town!  They clearly said Tylen"............ My voice trailed off as I retrieved the bottle from my bag and saw, clearly written on the bottle............................ TYLENOL............PM!!  Oh my Lord!  We had been taking sleep medication the entire time!  No wonder our heads were pounding and we were so nauseous and sleepy!  I had overdosed us!  There were days when we had taken three to four times the recommended dosage in one day!

I was humiliated and relieved all at the same time.  At least now we knew what was wrong with us.  We no longer need be concerned that we had married the biggest bore on the face of the planet.  We really WERE normal, just a little drugged.

And now, when our children family and friends ask us about our honeymoon, we don't have too much to say.  It's all a little hazy.  We don't remember much.  We were high on Tylenol P.M.  We just giggle and say, "We never got our of bed."  =)